Supporting social activity in lockdown

In our parent Zoom session on Friday 5th February we looked at how we can support children to maintain peer relationships during lockdown. 

Some of the key points discussed are outlined here for your reference. 

We discussed how important it is to recognise and validate children’s feelings about the current situation – including that it can feel unfair that some of their friends are attending school and therefore having some form of face-to-face contact with peers. However, we also talked about the importance of recognising and talking about the positives. 

Many of the suggestions for keeping in touch with friends centred on the idea of ‘alignment’ – being involved in the same thing at the same time. For example, rather than setting up a video/phone call between children and expecting them to just ‘chat’, you could organise an activity for them to do together.

Some suggestions included: 
-    Virtual sleepover with snacks, film, games etc
-    Virtual film night – watch the same film at the same time and then chat about it afterwards. The app ‘teleparty’ was recommended for this
-    Treasure hunt (see attached document or make your own)
-    Crafts/baking 
The key idea is to think about what your child likes doing with their friends in-person and to try and mimic this in some way. 

Suggestions that did not involve video calling included: 
-    Sending cards/letters by post 
-    Sending photos or videos of what you have been doing by e.g. email 
-    Making/baking small gifts to take to friends’ houses (non-contact drop-offs during daily exercise!)

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