Preparing for school return

We are very excited to be able to welcome back our full pupil body on Monday 8th March!

As a school, we are keen to eliminate the 'deficit' narrative which has emerged around school closures and the impact of COVID - we can, and should, acknowledge the hardships we have all experienced this past year, but it does us little good to adopt a mindset of disadvantage. As such, we will not be talking about 'catching up' or 'missed' learning - our children have been educated throughout and as in any other circumstance, where children need extra time or support to tackle areas of the curriculum they aren't confident in, this will be provided. This was the approach taken in September and very successfully reintegrated our learners into a positive and productive school set up - we are confident that the same will happen on 8th March. We would strongly encourage our parents and carers to join us in this positive, forward-facing approach, and further information about how to address school return positively will be shared in these pages. 

We understand, however, that even for those children who are equally excited to return, transitions can be a challenge and there may be anxieties of varying types which emerge over the coming days. 

This article from The Guardian includes some key psychologists' tips for supporting school return.


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